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President – The Archaeological Conservancy

The Archaeological Conservancy - Albuquerque , New Mexico

The Archaeological Conservancy is the only national nonprofit organization that identifies, acquires, and preserves the most significant archaeological sites in the United States for the potential knowledge and research on the site might produce. Since its founding in 1980, the Conservancy has preserved 565 sites across the nation, ranging in age from the earliest habitation sites in North America to a 19th-century frontier army post.

The Conservancy seeks an experienced President who embodies the following attributes:​

Dynamic, Mission-Driven, Relationship Builder

The President will strongly commit to preserving archaeological sites and cultural heritage and will play a pivotal role in advancing the Conservancy’s mission and goals through proactive relationship-building and engagement with the broader community. They will have the emotional intelligence, communication skills, and networking abilities needed to foster connections with government entities, private and public funders, landowners, descendant communities, staff, and the public. 

Innovative and Forward Thinking

The President will work closely with the Board of Directors to shape and execute the vision of the Conservancy and oversee the development and implementation of strategic, operational, financial, and budgetary plans, aligning resources effectively with goals and priorities.

Strong Leader

The ideal candidate will be an experienced nonprofit executive leader who inspires and motivates staff, members, donors, and partners. Knowledge of archaeology, cultural resource management, and real estate law experience are a plus.

DRiWaterstone is proud to lead this search on behalf of The Archaeological Conservancy.