Our executive search firm helps nonprofits and social impact organizations build high-performance teams.

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Vision, Mission and Values

DRiWaterstone Human Capital works with purpose and mission-driven organizations to help them build high-performance teams. We know how important it is to have a clear purpose, mission and vision – to serve as a roadmap for achieving your organization’s goals, and to help inspire and engage your team, your clients, your donors, and your community.

Shows a woman with plants in her hand, indicating a change for the planet is needed.


A thriving social enterprise sector meeting the ever-changing needs of their communities.

A group of individuals with the word team spelled out on their shirts to indicate a high-performance group of people.


Help purpose and mission-driven organizations build high performance teams through executive search, strategic, and culture services.


Honesty: We believe expertise comes with an obligation to share it honestly. We will never promise our clients anything we can’t deliver, and we will always offer you frank advice, even when it doesn’t match cookie-cutter best practices.

Urgency: We understand that every day a position goes unfilled is a day when opportunities go unpursued. We actively recruit candidates — we do not wait for them to come to us — and we recruit them using a process that puts them in positions within 90-120 days.

Excellence: We believe that excellence is an ethical obligation. That is why we have a uniquely structured and skilled team that engages the leaders of our firm in every search and makes sure they are supported by a team of highly skilled specialists.

Diversity: We are committed to a culture of inclusion and providing equal opportunity for employment, participation, and advancement. We recognize the importance of having a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences represented throughout our company. We are committed to identifying and recruiting diverse professionals in every search.

Confidentiality: We protect the confidentiality of our clients’ internal documents and deliberations, and we ensure that the identity of our candidates is treated with an equal level of confidentiality.

Service: We take our responsibility to serve our clients’ and candidates’ needs seriously. We treat both our clients and candidates with professionalism, humanity, and respect.