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Shaping Inclusive Workspaces with DRiWaterstone’s Senior Consultant, BJ Davis, and Panel

This June, DRiWaterstone brought together a panel of nonprofit and social impact leaders to discuss opportunities and best practices for shaping inclusive workspaces – with a focus on how employers and hiring committees can help build inclusive spaces for members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Moderated by DRiWaterstone’s senior consultant, BJ Davis, the panel features:

Kyle Garcia, Chief Development Officer, Girl Scouts of Northern California
Santana Moreno, Development Director, Funders for Reproductive Equity
Steve Roth, Executive Director, Organization for Refuge, Asylum and Migration (ORAM)

Their conversation touched on what inclusivity means, what today’s workplace looks like when it comes to equity and inclusion, best practices for building and supporting inclusive workplaces, and more.

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DRiWaterstone Human Capital’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the appointment of Doug Trout as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective July 1, 2024.

Trout succeeds DRiWaterstone co-founder Jennifer Dunlap, who has served as President and CEO since the organization opened its doors in 2001. Dunlap will continue to serve as an advisor to the CEO and to work with a limited number of clients until her retirement from the organization in January 2025; she will serve on the board of directors as Founder and Vice Chair.

“DRiWaterstone is in excellent hands with Doug Trout,” says Dunlap. “His extensive experience in, and passion for, the nonprofit industry coupled with the relationships he has built throughout his four years as a Senior Consultant and most recently a Managing Director, make Doug the right person to drive the company’s growth and success moving forward. I’m confident that DRiWaterstone, its clients, and its team will thrive under Doug’s leadership.”

Trout joined DRiWaterstone in 2020 and has led the nonprofit search practice since 2022. His practice areas for the company have focused on the clean energy sector, public policy centers, research and cultural institutes, and higher education. Before joining DRiWaterstone, Trout served as Acting President and Executive Vice President at The Montpelier Foundation. Previous roles include Executive Director at the Miller Center Foundation, Director of the Graduate Fellowship Program for the Jefferson Scholars Foundation, and Director of Development at the UVa Center for Politics, to name a few. Trout currently sits on the board of the Association of Fundraising Professionals Washington, DC Chapter, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville, and the James Madison University Center for Civic Engagement.

“I am excited about the future of our company and about working with the DRiWaterstone team to grow the organization, and to support the human capital needs of the nonprofit and social impact sectors,” says Trout. “Our two co-founders, Jennifer Dunlap and Nancy Racette, built an incredible company – one that is solely committed to purpose and mission-driven organizations and partnering with them to build high-performance teams. I look forward to continuing that vision and expanding DRiWaterstone’s partnerships in the industry.”

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