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Executive Search for Military and Veterans Organizations

Using the executive search process that we have developed specifically for the non-profit and social enterprise sectors, DRiWaterstone has guided a wide range of organizations serving active duty and veteran military personnel, from Armed Services YMCA to HEAL VETS to the United Service Organizations.

DRiWaterstone searches deliver high-quality candidates—people who are passionately driven by missions and who drive relentlessly toward results—within 60 days. But as experts in the sector, we believe that we have an obligation to deliver much more than that. Our founders created an executive search process designed to meet the short- and long-term needs of the non-profit and social enterprise sectors. As one of the most effective search firms in the country, we pledge to recruit only those people who meet our own high standards and to redefine your search expectations in the process.

Our resources make us uniquely suited to deliver on this promise.

Our Team

We are deliberately structured to ensure that one of our leaders plays a hands-on role in every search we conduct. Our leaders spent their careers working closely with the founder of Caring for Military Families, Elizabeth Dole, and they understand that supporting members of the military services requires a diverse array of programs—from medical rehabilitation to care for children with a parent posted overseas. They know how to identify leaders who can build strong relationships with the high-level officers who sit on the Boards of the organizations providing those programs.

Our leaders are supported by a carefully structured team of specialists that works together on every assignment. Drawing on our experience in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors, our staff includes a dedicated Candidate Stewardship Associate who ensures that candidates have positive impressions of our clients—no matter the outcome of their own candidacies.

Our Network

DRiWaterstone has a large network of Board members and staff leaders who have served in the military themselves, have family who have served, or have worked in professional organizations devoted to members of the military. Our network includes leaders who have spent significant time working with generals, admirals, and other high-level military officials. We use cutting-edge search technologies to put this network at our clients’ fingertips.

Our integrity

After decades of work with some of the most recognized and effective military and veterans’ organizations, we have the expertise and the courage to tell you what is right for your organization.

How to Get Started

You can learn more about what to expect from DRiWaterstone’s distinctive approach to executive search; call us at 703-294-6684 to discuss your needs; or request a call and we will reach out to you about your needs at a time that is convenient for you.