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Executive Search for Human Resources Leaders

DRiWaterstone combines its own staffing expertise with a distinctive executive search process to deliver high-caliber results in searches for human resources (HR) leaders for the non-profit and social enterprise sectors. Some of our HR placements have included:

  • Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Vice President of Learning and Development, AARP
  • Executive Vice President of Operations (including HR), Kids in Need of Defense
  • Vice President for Finance and Operations (including HR), Bipartisan Policy Institute

What DRiWaterstone offers in HR Searches

Holistic understanding of human resources in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors

As an executive search firm that works exclusively with non-profit and social enterprise organizations, DRiWaterstone has an unparalleled understanding of human resources in the sector.

We know our clients compete with the best organizations in the world for talent, but we also know that talent isn’t enough; our clients need sustained passion. HR departments must design compensation and benefits packages that secure the best of both; they must develop staff policies that live up to the letter of the law and the spirit of their own values; they must design staff structures that foster organization-wide partnerships; and they must creatively engage staff as members of a movement—for everyone is a potential ambassador to stakeholders and donors. Developing an HR department that achieves this range of goals requires a blend of legal knowledge, organizational psychology, interpersonal skills, and more.

An experienced guide to reach your goal

Using our own experience in key HR functions—including recruitment, organizational design, staff assessments, and training—we design HR searches that do not just yield great hires; they improve the engagement, effectiveness, and efficiency of all the other hires that you make.

Our Results

Utilizing the DRiWaterstone approach, we have identified executives who have built in-house recruiting systems for major national organizations; created professional development programs to support more than 2,000 staff members; and have built new HR systems for international organizations with offices around the globe.

How to Request a Human Resources Search

We invite you to learn more about DRiWaterstone’s unique approach to non-profit search. Contact us to discuss your organization’s strategic goals and how DRiWaterstone’s HR search can help you achieve them.