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Executive Search for Finance and Operations Leaders

DRiWaterstone’s distinctive executive search process delivers high-caliber results in searches for finance and operations leaders for non-profit and social enterprise organizations. Some of our finance and operations placements have included:

  • Executive Vice President of Operations, Kids in Need of Defense
  • Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration, White House Historical Association
  • Vice President for Finance and Operations, Bipartisan Policy Center
  • Business & Finance Manager, American Research Center in Egypt

What DRiWaterstone offers in Finance and Operations Searches

Holistic understanding of finance and operations in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors

As experts in non-profit and social enterprise management, we understand that finance and operations teams in these sectors have special demands. Whether you are managing an extensive network of in-kind donations or satisfying compliance for government grants, the unique elements of these sectors impose requirements that finance and operations leaders must be able to negotiate. Successful negotiation of these requirements is critical in organizations whose finances are matters of public record—searchable by donors, potential partners, and prospective hires alike.

And operational needs extend beyond finance, as well. Best practices of non-profit and social enterprise management include a need for diversity that reflects and responds to the communities that these organizations serve. Human resources policies must recruit staff for a mission-driven set of priorities and constraints and must manage legislative and policy requirements often designed with for-profit organizations in mind.

An experienced guide to reach your goal

We know that the goal of a finance and operations search isn’t a hire; it is improved efficacy and efficiency. We ask precisely tailored and probing questions to clearly identify the scope of a candidate’s background and to illuminate how they will help your non-profit achieve its goals.

Our Results

Utilizing the DRiWaterstone approach, we have identified executives who have built national operations for organizations that are tripling the number of their offices and size of their staffs; have managed grants for international organizations vulnerable to complex shifts in exchange rates; and have built learning and development programs for national membership organizations with a staff of more than 2,000. Our finance placements include staff at every level, from Chief Operating Officers to Finance Managers.

How to Request a Finance and Operations Search

We invite you to learn more about DRiWaterstone’s unique approach to search. Contact us to discuss your organization’s strategic goals and how DRiWaterstone’s finance and operations search can help you achieve them.