Our executive search firm helps nonprofits and social impact organizations build high-performance teams.

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Executive Search for CEOs and Executive Directors

DRiWaterstone’s distinctive executive search process is especially designed to deliver high-caliber results in searches for Executive Directors, Presidents, and CEOs. Some of our C-level placements include:

  • AARP Foundation
  • American Academy of Physician Assistants
  • Armed Services YMCA
  • Greater Public

What You Get from DRiWaterstone in C-level Search

High-level leaders for high-level searches

Our uniquely structured team puts one of our firm’s leaders at the head of every search we conduct. This rare high-level approach ensures that our searches are aligned with our clients’ most important strategic goals and that we have the credibility to fully engage the most significant stakeholders in a mission and purpose-driven organization.

A holistic understanding of what it takes to lead a mission and purpose-driven organization

Studies have found that Chief Executive Officers are really chief “everything” officers: people who have a background broad enough to understand all the aspects of an organization that they must lead. We know from experience that in the world of social enterprise, that means not just finance, programs, and marketing, but also fundraising, partnership building, and stakeholder engagement.

But we also understand that no one is an expert in everything, and that the CEO’s most important job is to mobilize a diverse range of others—from Board members to grassroots members, from donors to program partners, from the senior management team to entry-level staff. Our decades of experience identifying leaders, training staff, and building capacity gives us an unparalleled perspective on what it takes to do this work in organizations with stakeholders rather than customers, complex fundraising programs, and the need to improve the world—not just their own market position. We know what questions to ask to identify the unique ways that your next CEO will mobilize your stakeholders to advance your strategic goals.

An experienced guide to reach your goal

Our leaders work seamlessly with search committees at every step of the search process, from developing the job description to facilitating interviews and deliberations to negotiating the final offer. With decades of experience working with Boards, we are fully at home in this process. We know what can cause stumbles in it and how to keep moving forward, and we have extensive experience coaching large groups of diverse stakeholders to build consensus and streamline the complex process to reach the search goal.

And we know that the goal of a CEO search isn’t a hire; it’s the successful leadership that follows. DRiWaterstone is available to continue engaging stakeholders in onboarding and performance management processes that ensure that success for years to come.

Our Results

Utilizing the DRiWaterstone approach, we have identified executives who have revitalized membership organizations for new and diverse generations of supporters; transformed industry service organizations into forces of industry leadership; and created advocacy programs that have restructured the landscape of healthcare, retirement, gender equity, and more.

How to Request a CEO Search

We invite you to learn more about DRiWaterstone’s unique approach to search. Contact us to discuss your organization’s strategic goals and how DRiWaterstone’s team can help you achieve them.