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Technical Communications and Education Director – GridLab

GridLab - Remote

GridLab is an innovative organization dedicated to providing expertise for grid transformation. In just over six years since its inception, GridLab has developed a reputation as a leading technical partner in supporting decarbonization efforts across the country. GridLab directly engages with clean energy advocates, policymakers, and regulators to advance technical solutions to clean energy deployment, accelerated fossil fuel retirement, and enhanced grid reliability.

GridLab seeks a Technical Communications and Education Director to join their team.


  • Lead the organization’s education efforts across all program areas.
  • Educate policymakers, regulators, journalists, and other key stakeholders on the reliability benefits of clean energy, and how we maintain reliability through the grid transition. These education sessions could be through presenting at conferences (such as NARUC, OMS, MACRUC) or in direct meetings with key policymakers.
  • Serve as the key GridLab liaison on media communications, working closely with partner organizations such as Climate Nexus, Energy Foundation, Resource Media, Sierra Club, NRDC and others. The position will be highly collaborative and primarily support other organizations’ communications efforts.
  •  Work with Advanced Energy United, RMI, RAP and other regulator education organizations to educate key regulators on reliability, transmission, and other key energy transition topics.
  •  Respond to journalist requests with either direct quotes or connect with the right GridLab expert or staff.
  • Support grant and funding proposal writing, clearly articulating GridLab’s strategy and vision, as well as relevant programmatic
    successes, challenges, and opportunities.

Qualifications and skills:

  • Proficiency in Energy Technology, Market Dynamics, and Policy:
    -Demonstrated expertise in the intricacies of energy technology, with a keen understanding of how
    various technologies operate and their impact on the industry.
    -In-depth knowledge of energy market dynamics, including pricing, supply and demand trends, and
    regulatory factors.
  • Exceptional Written and Verbal Communication Skills:
    -Proven ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively through both written and oral
    -Skillful in crafting compelling and informative reports, presentations, and documents that resonate
    with diverse audiences.
  • Outstanding Time Management and Project Leadership Abilities:
    -Exceptional time management skills, enabling efficient handling of multiple tasks and projects.
    -Experienced in designing and leading projects from inception to completion, ensuring objectives are
    met on time and within budget.
  • Dedication to Clean Energy Advocacy, Bridging Technical Expertise with Policy Insights:
    -A passionate advocate for clean energy solutions and sustainability.
    -Possesses a holistic understanding of how technical knowledge intersects with policy and advocacy,
    enabling the development of actionable strategies.
  • Over 7 Years of Professional Experience:
    -Brings more than seven years of hands-on experience in roles related to energy technology, markets,
    and policy.
    -Demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills to make meaningful contributions in the field.

DRiWaterstone is proud to lead this search on behalf of GridLab.