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Executive Search for Program Leaders

DRiWaterstone’s distinctive executive search process delivers high-caliber results in searches for program leaders for non-profit and social enterprise organizations. Some of our program placements include:

  • Vice President of Community and Youth Engagement, Truth Initiative
  • Senior Director, Neurological Institute, Cleveland Clinic
  • Director, Chrysler Museum of Art
  • Director of the David M. Rubinstein National Center for White House History, White House Historical Association

What DRiWaterstone offers in Program Searches

Holistic understanding of programs in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors

We understand that program delivery at non-profit and social enterprise organizations is about finding transformative interventions—models that enable people to seize opportunities and work together to improve their own lives and those of their communities. We understand the importance of marshalling every resource in an organization to make these transformative interventions possible—from ideas to investments, from partnerships to politics. We work with talented staff who work across these resources to take imaginative new approaches to program delivery in some of the most innovative organizations in the world. With a sophisticated understanding of both non-profit and social enterprise management and of staffing, we help our clients reimagine the parameters of what program leadership can do.

An experienced guide to reach your goal

Defining the qualifications for innovative program staff can be challenging, as it often requires creating new kinds of positions. We work with our clients to design these positions and with them the templates for new possibilities for social services. We develop precisely tailored and probing questions to clearly identify the scope of a candidate’s background and to understand how it will translate into the achievement of your non-profit’s unique strategic goals.

Our Results

Utilizing the DRiWaterstone approach, we have identified program leaders who have re-conceived national models of youth engagement; orchestrated the growth of global supply chains for vitamins; and run medical research programs with a national profile. Our program placements include staff at every level and in every sector.

How to Request a Search for Program Staff

We invite you to learn more about DRiWaterstone’s unique approach to non-profit search. Contact us to discuss your organization’s strategic goals and how DRiWaterstone’s search for program staff can help you achieve them.