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DRiWaterstone Recognized as a Leader in Healthcare Executive Search

DRiWaterstone has been recognized as one of the top 10 healthcare executive search providers in Medhealth Outlook magazine’s 2024 Healthcare Executive Search edition!

Jennifer Dunlap, President and CEO, and Julio Suárez, Managing Director, sat down with the team at Medhealth Outlook to talk about DRiWaterstone’s work in the healthcare space, as well as how the organization is supporting purpose and mission-driven organizations across all industries. Read their interview here.

If you’re a purpose and mission-driven organization in the healthcare space, we’d love to talk about how DRiWaterstone can help achieve your recruitment goals. Contact us today.

About the Healthcare Executive Search edition

This edition features the Top 10 Executive Search firms in 2024 that are making a significant impact in the healthcare space. These firms are distinguished by their deep industry expertise, extensive networks, and a commitment to excellence in matching organizations with leaders who possess the strategic insight and operational acumen needed to thrive. Learn more at www.medhealthoutlook.com

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DRiWaterstone's Managing Director, Doug Trout, sat down with Talent Talks host Rob Adams this June to discuss potential policy changes, shifts in philanthropic giving, federal spending, and the emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

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