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Director of Philanthropy

Institute for Political Innovation
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The Institute for Political Innovation (IPI) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization focused on research and public education on non-partisan political innovation that advances and improves the representativeness and performance of democracy for all constituencies across the United States. Its counterparts include two C4s: IPI Action Fund and Final-Five Fund.

The mission of IPI is rooted in Politics Industry Theory, the groundbreaking body of work pioneered by former corporate CEO and IPI Founder and President, Katherine Gehl. Katherine used, for the first time, an industry-competition lens (tools which were long the gold standard for analyzing for-profit industries) to shed light on the systemic failures of our political system and, importantly, to identify the most powerful and achievable solution: Final-Five Voting. She first articulated the research and theory in a 2017 report out of Harvard Business School and further developed it in a subsequent book, The Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy (both with her co-author, Harvard Business School Professor Michael E. Porter).

This role represents a once-in-a-lifetime chance to join a team, as a key leader, to drive the success of one of the most impactful and important philanthropic opportunities in America today: Final-Five Voting (FFV). Final-Five Voting is a new method proposed for elections to the U.S. House and Senate (more details below). Final-Five Voting is not designed to necessarily change who wins. It’s designed to change what the winners do—what they have the freedom and incentives to do (i.e., solve problems in a consensus, sustainable fashion) and on whose behalf they’re doing it (i.e., on behalf of a majority of general election voters). FFV achieves this by uniquely fixing a major system root cause of our dysfunctional politics by aligning the incentives of Congress with the interests and preferences of the majority of Americans. This makes FFV powerful, but, unlike other potentially powerful political innovations, FFV is also achievable (i.e., not “pie in the sky”) because Article I in the U.S. Constitution gives each state the power to make and remake the rules of the game for elections to Congress.

  • Proven experience leading significant individual fundraising initiatives defined by personal solicitations and closures of six and seven figure gifts.
  • Prior experience fundraising within complex political environments and a passion and desire to see Final-Five Voting implemented nationally.
  • Understanding and ability to speak at the highest level on important and complex political issues.
  • Proven ability to develop fundraising strategies that expand both a donor base and giving levels.
  • Record of securing large (6- and 7-figure) gifts from individuals.
  • Record of cultivating corporate and foundation support.
  • Record of working successfully with senior leaders and engaging them in a high-level fundraising process.
  • Passion for improving and strengthening our democracy, and eager to work with a team of opinionated individuals of varying political perspectives united around one non-partisan goal.
  • Balance of initiative and judgment necessary to succeed in a flexible, largely self-directed environment where quality and victory are the highest priorities.
  • Bachelor’s degree is required; advanced degree and/or record of continuing professional development is useful.

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Consultant: Doug Trout – 703-718-4761;