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DRiWaterstone Client Stories: Tovah Barocas

As a nonprofit executive search firm, we have the amazing opportunity to connect passionate individuals who are driven by purpose and mission with organizations that are making a significant impact in their respective industries. We are thrilled to share the story of our recent achievement in helping Earth Rangers find their outstanding Managing Director.  

We sat down with Tovah Barocas, the President of Earth Rangers, to discuss their experience working with the DRiWaterstone team, and the insights gained throughout the process. Tovah shared the reasons behind partnering with the firm, as well as her thoughts on the level of service received and valuable lessons learned about Earth Rangers as an organization. 


DRiWaterstone Human Capital (DRiW): Can you tell me a little bit about Earth Rangers and what you do? 

Tovah Barocas (TB): We are a nonprofit organization that helps kids get involved and engage with protecting the environment—focusing on biodiversity, conservation, and fighting climate change. We have a membership program where kids can complete activities in the app and in the real world. We also do a lot of in-school programming as well! 

DRiW: Why did you choose to work with a retained executive search firm?  

TB: One of the reasons is that Earth Rangers is not a well-known brand in the U.S., so we wanted to sell ourselves to candidates and establish trust in our organization. Additionally, we didn’t have a large network in the U.S., so we relied on [DRiWaterstone’s] network to find suitable candidates. It was important for us to have their support in representing Earth Rangers and attracting top talent. 

DRiW: How was your overall experience working with the DRiWaterstone team?  

TB: It was great, probably the best experience we’ve had with an executive search firm before. The team, led by Doug Trout, took the time to understand our needs and brought us a diverse and interesting group of candidates with different experiences and perspectives. Despite the candidates being different from each other, the reasoning behind each selection was clear.  
We had effective back-and-forth dialogue throughout the process, ensuring we were on the right track. Overall, it was a highly effective process. 

DRiW: What level of service did you receive from the search firm?  

TB: We appreciated the entire process and its clarity from the beginning. We received regular updates and found the online portal helpful for tracking progress and ensuring consistent communication. Whenever we had questions or needed assistance, the team responded quickly. We had both scheduled weekly calls and the ability to contact them in between. Overall, the service provided was great. 

DRiW: Did anything surprise you about working with the DRiWaterstone team?  

TB: We were pleasantly surprised by the number of people the team met and screened in interviews on our behalf. They brought forward a high-quality pool of candidates from various parts of the country and from diverse backgrounds, all relevant to our needs. The materials provided, such as the candidates’ pre-interview questionnaire, helped us prepare effectively and make the most of our interview time.  
The professionalism and thoroughness of the process were impressive, and we were incredibly happy with it. 

DRiW: What did you learn about your organization through the search process?  

TB: The search process helped us narrow down and prioritize what we were looking for in this specific position. Since it was Earth Rangers’ first hire in the U.S., we needed to focus on identifying the key skills and qualities we needed in a representative. [DRiWaterstone] was instrumental in guiding us through this process, ensuring we prioritized the right skills over nice-to-haves, and considered the critical responsibilities for the initial years. We gained a better understanding of Earth Rangers’ identity and who would best represent us in this new space—that’s what we took from it the most. 

DRiW: What advice do you have for other nonprofit organizations looking to attract top talent in today’s market?  

TB: It’s important to lead with the organization’s values and mission to establish alignment with potential candidates, especially at the executive level. Additionally, even in remote positions, making the effort to meet candidates in person during the interview process is critical. Building that personal connection should not be sacrificed. 

DRiW: What are Earth Rangers’ plans for the future?  

TB: Our main priority is building up the organization in the U.S. We are currently designing our live show for U.S. schools, similar to the successful program we have in Canada. Adapting the program to different geographies and catering to a larger market is a significant focus.  
We also just completed our second round of research on “eco-anxiety to eco-action” and are developing resources for parents and teachers to address eco- anxiety in children. And we will continue to innovate the Earth Rangers app, reimagining core sections to encourage more interactive and meaningful engagement with our members. 


At DRiWaterstone, we have the pleasure to work with some of the best mission and purpose-driven clients and candidates in the non-profit and social impact space. To learn more about how we can help you build your high-performance teams and drive growth, email us – we’d love to talk! 

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At DRiWaterstone, we aim to connect mission and purpose-driven candidates with organizations that share their values. We specialize in bridging the gap between individuals who are passionate about making a difference and organizations that align with their mission. In this Q&A discussion, we have the privilege of exploring the experiences and insights of Angelique Wilkins, who we recently helped place in a senior role at the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC).  

In this conversation, we learn more about the candidate experience of Angelique: we delve into her experience working with an executive search firm like DRiWaterstone, and learn insight into the level of support and communication she received from the team. Additionally, she shares the significance of finding a genuine fit in today's nonprofit job market, and what’s on the horizon for NACHC, among other key points. 


DRiWaterstone (DRiW): Can you tell me about the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC) and your new role there?  

Angelique Wilkins (AW): NACHC is the leading advocacy and training organization for Community Health Centers in the United States. NACHC promotes Community Health Centers as an accessible and equitable healthcare system, focused on providing affordable, high-quality, culturally competent, integrated primary care services to marginalized and underserved populations.  
My new role at NACHC is the Senior Vice President of Communications and Events, where I oversee the communications, marketing, media relations, and events functions, working to tell the story of NACHC to its various stakeholders. 

DRiW: What was your experience working with the DRiWaterstone team like as a candidate for the position?  

AW: Well, first I just want to say how much I appreciate the work that DRiWaterstone does. As a female person of color operating in the non-profit space, it was incredibly meaningful to work with a female-led company of this nature.  

Working with the DRiWaterstone team was a straightforward and transparent experience. The level of communication and support throughout the process was exceptional, and I felt very supported and valued as a candidate. There was a strong emphasis on mutual fit and understanding of the organization - it was evident DRiWaterstone was authentically invested in finding the right candidate for NACHC, and they acted as advocates throughout the placement process. 

DRiW: What surprised you the most about working with DRiWaterstone?  

AW: The constant and immediate communication and feedback. Unlike previous experiences with search firms, there was an elevated level of involvement and responsiveness at each stage of the process. The emphasis on communication and inclusion made me feel engaged and valued as a candidate. 

DRiWaterstone provided exceptional support throughout the entire placement process. I had a dedicated advocate, Taylor Rhodes, who was readily available for any questions or concerns I had. From initial interviews to negotiations and beyond, there was an exceptional level of assistance and communication. Having someone who acted as a partner in the process made a significant difference–truly appreciated. 

DRiW: How was your experience with DRiWaterstone different from other firms you may have worked with in the past?  

AW: The engagement with DRiWaterstone felt more like a partnership rather than a transaction. The emphasis on understanding NACHC's unique needs, as evidenced by the heavily researched and finely curated questions presented during the interview process, demonstrated DRiWaterstone’s genuine investment in finding the right candidate for NACHC. The level of involvement and integration with the organization's leadership team was deep, and it felt like they were a part of the NACHC team rather than just a consultant. 

DRiW: What advice do you have for a non-profit executive candidate in today's job market?  

AW: My advice: follow your passion. It is crucial to find a position and organization that aligns with your values and mission. Conduct thorough due diligence and be sure to self-check your motivations to ensure you genuinely believe in the organization's purpose. It pays off in the long run, as when you are passionate about the work you do, it becomes more fulfilling and enjoyable knowing you are making a real impact on the lives of others. 

DRiW: What is on the horizon for NACHC?  

AW: The future of NACHC is bright and quite promising! The organization aims to shed its status as a best-kept secret and become recognized as the leading force in the community-based public health space. NACHC will continue its impactful advocacy, policy, and training work, supporting its members and partners in serving millions of patients across the country. 


At DRiWaterstone, we have the pleasure to work with some of the best clients and candidates in the non-profit and social impact space. To learn more about how we can help you build high performance teams and drive growth, email us – we’d love to talk! 

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